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Holy Rosary School is proud to offer a comprehensive academic program for Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth grade with one class per grade. This program is complemented by a before and after school Extended Care program for working parents.


In March of 2006, the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools awarded our teaching staff and educational programs the highest ratings. We are proud to offer a comprehensive academic program which incorporates a Library Media /Technology Center. Our library media and technology curriculum are taught there involving all K-8 teachers and is a full extension of every classroom.

Our library staffed by a library media/technology specialist.


Parent Involvement

Parent involvement in students’ education is crucial to their student’s academic success. Students come to recognize how important education means to their parents and in their desire to please will become involved and excited about learning. Providing a quiet space, regular time for students to study and regular reading sessions can greatly enhance student learning and allow parents to monitor their progress.


Scheduled Parent/Teacher conferences are held in Oct. and Jan. midway through the first two trimesters. Scheduling for conferences is done through the school office. It is an opportunity for parents and teacher to share their observations honoring the student’s strengths and addressing concerns.



Homework is an integral part of the academic life for each student at Holy Rosary School. Students should bring home a minimum amount of homework as follows:

 Grades 1 and 2

 15 - 30 minutes

 Grades 3, 4 and 5

 30 - 60 minutes

 Grades 6, 7 and 8

 60 - 90 minutes

Assignments are designed to be completed by the student with only occasional attention from parents. Completing homework is a class requirement and the student’s responsibility. All work is expected to be done completely, neatly and on time. If incomplete assignments become an issue, parents are expected to ensure that homework be complete.

Report Cards

Report cards are given to students in grades Pre K-8 at the end of each trimester in the middle of November, the first part of March and the last day of school. Middle school students are given letter grades according the Archdiocesan grading scale given below:


 94 - 100



 87 - 93



 84 - 86



 78 - 83



 75 - 77



 70 - 74



 Below 70


Standardized Testing

The ITBS and WASL testing programs are used as ongoing tools to measure both the academic progress of the individual student and the overall effectiveness of instructional programs.