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A Catholic Two-Way Language and Cultural Immersion Program


Holy Rosary Catholic School, Tacoma, is thrilled to announce the launch of its new Two-Way Spanish and English Language Immersion Program. Beginning with the pre-k and kindergarten classes in fall, 2012, Holy Rosary students will learn through a proven program that promotes true bilingualism and biliteracy, grade-level or higher academic achievement, and positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors in all students.

A First for Catholic Schools in the Region

Holy Rosary School is the first two-way immersion Catholic school in Washington. This school has built a cutting-edge curriculum upon a centuries-proven foundation unique to Catholic schools — a foundation centered around core objectives that develop the whole child for future success:

What is Two-Way Immersion?

In dual language education programs, students are taught literacy and academic content in English and a partner language. Holy Rosary School’s two-way immersion program is a distinctive form of dual language education in which balanced numbers of native English speakers and native Spanish speakers are taught together in the classroom. This results in all students developing full literacy in all subjects in both languages!

Advantages of Two-Way Immersion
(From The Center for Applied Lingustics Two-Way Immersion Toolkit)

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