March 2010


Dear Families,


It is a privilege and blessing to welcome you to Holy Rosary School.


Our School

Holy Rosary School was founded in 1891 as the first Catholic School in Tacoma. We offer a Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade academic programs as well as a before and after school extended care program to support working parents. Holy Rosary School and Parish are rich with family tradition, cultural diversity, and faith in God. We work to find a way to make this quality Catholic education affordable for families.


Our Vision

We share the Catholic Church’s belief that parents are the primary educators for their children in the faith and have a vision.

 “That our children, created in the image of God, are entrusted to our care and with our guidance and God’s grace will grow in response to His plan for their lives.”

(Holy Rosary School Vision Statement)

All of our work to prepare liturgies prepares children to receive sacraments as well as our efforts to sustain a comprehensive academic program are powered by this vision. This vision can be tangibly experienced in the loving relationship between our students and their teachers.


Our academic programs

In March of 2006, the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools awarded our teaching staff and educational programs the highest ratings. We are proud to offer a comprehensive academic program, that prepares students for college preparatory high schools, has the following features:



Our location

Located in downtown Tacoma, we provide a unique opportunity for parents working downtown to be just five minutes away from their children during the school day. Because children are so near, parents have opportunities to participate in activities with their children, to volunteer, and to be close should any emergency situations arise?


I invite you to look through our website now and to visit us in person to see how Holy Rosary could make a difference for your children.


God bless you,

Rudy Navarro


504 South 30th Street
Tacoma, WA 98402

(253) 272-7012 School
(253) 383-4549 X100 Parish
(253) 627-4862 Extended Care