The Holy Rosary School Commission is an advisory body to the principal and pastor that is concerned with the school's general policies subject to the guidelines issued by the Archdiocesan Board of Education.


These are some of the commission’s responsibilities.

·        Providing leadership that will build trust and confidence in Catholic education.

·        Securing adequate financial support for the school beyond that which comes from tuition and book fees.

·        Providing the best possible facilities, supplies, equipment and other instructional aides.

·        Providing information about school programs to parents and parishioners.

·        Participating fully in supporting the projects, policies, and vision of the school. 



2011-2012 Holy Rosary School Commission


Fr. Jacob Maurer, Pastor

Dr. Tim Uhl, Principal

Larry Dahl, Chair

Teresa Woolery, Secretary

Sid Chaloner

Mary Ann Coble

Sheryl Blessing




504 South 30th Street
Tacoma, WA 98402

(253) 272-7012 School
(253) 383-4549 X100 Parish
(253) 627-4862 Extended Care