Mission Statement


The Holy Rosary Room Parent Program is a vital network of Room Parents under the direction of the Parent Club Board and is dedicated to the vision and values of Holy Rosary School. The Room Parent Program is organized to support: the principal in communicating accurate information about school programs and events; teachers in the instruction of students; student participation in educational programs and fund raising events; and parent involvement in the student’s education.


Program Description


The organization and structure of the Room Parent Program is vital to its success. Each teacher should have two or more Room Parents (RP) with one of them designated as the Lead Room Parent (LRP). The responsibility of the LRP is to be in dialogue with the teacher to find out and fulfill teachers educational needs (like building bulletin boards, copying materials, etc); help in deciding and the creation of fund raising items like the design and creation of a Christmas basket or class quilt for the Auction. The LRP is also in dialogue with the Room Parent Coordinator (RPC) to insure that Parent Club and school fund raising timelines are kept and school wide programs are supported.


The RPC is a designated member of the Parent Club Board responsible for the execution of the Room Parent Program.  The RPC is at monthly Parent Club Board meetings, communicates with LRP about the fund raising programs of the school, recruits and orients new room parents and reports on the efforts of the Room Parent Program to the Parent Club Board.


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